Upper Midwest Chapter

Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates
Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates
Bladder Health Committee
The purpose of the Bladder Health Committee is to educate the community in such areas as urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, intersticial cysitis, urinary tract infections and pelvic floor prolapse to name just a few.

Our goal is to make patients aware that these conditions are common, but not normal, and can be treated in a number of ways.

Our group welcomes new members and new ideas in becoming more involved in community activities.

For more information, or if you would like to
participate, contact us at

World Continence Week
Farmer's Market, downtown Minneapolis
June 2010

Theresa Lesher and Amy Driscoll set up an information booth from 11am-2pm on Nicollet Mall during the weekly Farmer's Market.

So, there amongst the flowers, fruits, and vegetables, they educated passers-by about continence, prostate health, and bladder health.
An estimated 75 people stopped for handouts and to engage in conversation.

Annual Plymouth Health Fair
March 2011

The UMCSUNA Bladder Health Committee once again sponsored a booth at the Annual Plymouth Health Fair where approximately 400 people came through the doors for this education filled event.

Jill Freeman and Diane Spindler distributed information regarding general bladder health issues and prostate health and spoke directly with over 75 guests at their booth. 

GFWC West Suburban Women's Club
February 2010

Bobbie Stolp represented the Bladder Health Awareness Committee at the GFWC West Suburban Women's Club at the Radisson in Plymouth.

Bobbie was well received by approximately 50 women as she spoke about and distributed handouts regarding general bladder health issues including incontinence and urinary tract infections.

In appreciation, a
donation was given by the Women's Club to a local womens shelter in UMCSUNA and Bobbie's name.

Thanks go out to Bobbie for her great presentation.

The Bladder Health Committee has been active at Curves Fitness Centers

9/29/07 – Mendota Heights. 
The Bladder Health Committee g
ave bladder health, uti, incont. & hormone therapy, and keigle information to Curves members.  This is the third Curves event for the chapter and previous ones have been well received.

Spreading the Word about Interstitial Cystitis

Jill Freeman, CUNP traveled out of state in August to spread the word about interstitial cystitis. Jill traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to give an in-service workshop to a local urology office about interstitial cystitis. She educated the entire office staff about interstitial cystitis. Most recently Jill traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to educate another small urology group about interstitial cystitis. These in-services were sponsored by Bayer.

Interstitial cystitis is an often overlooked painful bladder condition in which patients have frequency, urgency, and bladder pain. The key is proper diagnosing of these patients which can then result in improved quality of lives for patients.

Amy Driscoll and Theresa Lesher
at the World Continence Week booth.

Diane Spindler and Jill Freeman
at the 2011 Health Fair

Margaret Hoversten and Diane Spindler
at the 2010 Health Fair

Bobbie Stolp
at the West Suburban Women's Club