Upper Midwest Chapter

Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates
Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates

Congratulations To Our 41 Certified Members!

  • Amy Abel, MA, CUA    
  • Diane Anderson, RN, BAN, CURN
  • Shannon Anderson, LPN, CUA    
  • Roberta Block, LPN, CUA
  • Sharon Bringewatt, NP, CUNP
  • Ann Chinnakotla, APN, FNP-C, CUNP 
  • Heather Christie, RN, CURN
  • Amy Driscoll, BSN, CURN
  • Jill Freeman, MAN, APRN-BC, ANP, CUNP
  • Cindy Hauser, NP-C, CUNP
  • Kelly Hotchkiss, RN, CUA
  • Jessica Hus, RN, AD, CURN
  • Darcy Jenkins-Holick, FNP-BC, CUNP
  • Julie Johnson, RN, CUNP
  • Julie Ann Johnson, RN, CURN
  • Maureen Johnson, RN, CURN 
  • Kelsy Kellermann, PA-CUPA
  • Sarah King, MA, CMA, CUA
  • Theresa Kolle, BSN, RN, CURN
  • Joanie Krueger, LPN, CUA
  • Maureen Lemens, BSN RN CURN
  • Daniel Lemmens, BS, CUPA
  • Theresa Lesher, BSN, CURN
  • Wendy Linn, CMA, CUA
  • Brenda Madsen, BSN, RN, CURN
  • Diane Mann, BSN, RN, BC, CCRP, CURN
  • Ashley Nadeau, LPN, CUA
  • Debra Nagel, LPN, CUA
  • Delores Nagle, BSN, CURN
  • Heather Nielson, CUA
  • Mari Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN
  • Mr. Jamie Olsen, RN, CURN        
  • Dawn Peterson, CMA, CUA
  • Michelle Radke, LPN, CUA    
  • Emily Riechers, RN, MSN, APNP, CUNP
  • Lianne Roth, MA, CUA
  • Debra Schmaltz, FNP-C, CUNP
  • Margaret Anne Smith, RN, CURN
  • Susan Smith, LVN, CUA  
  • Tara Stene, RN, CURN
  • Hans Wagenaar, MAPS, PA-C, CUPA
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Next exam dates:          Postmark Deadline:

            - No testing currently set up in MN for 2015

         - March 1, 2015          - January 4, 2015
      SUNA Annual Symposium, Nashville, TN

         - October 24, 2015      - August 29, 2015
      SUNA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV   

There is an additional $25 late fee for late applications. The postmark deadline for those applications is between  

 The fees for those exams are as follows:

·         RN/Associate – member $250, non-member $325

·         N/P –member $275, non-member $350

Follow the link below to the national SUNA website for exam locations, application, and additional information.

Examination locations can be also found on the CNet website –
Isn’t it time you made a sound investment in your career?

The Upper Midwest Chapter invites you to join the challenge to help us become the chapter with the most certified members....
Are you up to the challenge?

Are you ready to commit to a higher level of  professional practice? If so, the Certification Board for Urologic Nurses and Associates will lead you through each step on your way to urologic excellence. We invite you to explore the SUNA website and learn more about how you can make obtaining your certification credential a reality!

You can also obtain additional information by sending an email to or by calling

The value of certification can include:

  • High patient satisfaction rating.
  • More efficient collaboration with health care colleagues.
  • Successful approach to improve patient safety and overall quality care.
  • Indicator of competence.
  • Heightened sense of personal achievement.