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Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates
Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates
National SUNA Awards
Each year SUNA honors chapters who show outstanding achievements in terms of; educational programs, SUNA membership growth, promotion of community awareness and education of urologic issues, active member participation, innovation in industry promotion and member support, advancement of members to be certified by CBUNA, and much more.

Our chapter is extremely proud and honored to have won many awards in our advancement of community and industry awareness of Urologic Health.

Awards presented to our Chapter:

UMCSUNA wins 2013 "Chapter of The Year" Award

Congratulations to all our members for their efforts in achieving this distinction.

UMCSUNA is awarded "Exceptional Community Activity" for 2011!

Among the many achievements, UMCSUNA was recognized at the 2011 National Annual Conference for its exceptional community activity. Along with our donations to SUNA to support various scholarship and lectureship awards as well as the Foundation, we were active in our own community also. Apart from monthly prostate cancer support group meetings and screenings, several chapter members participated in a silent auction, a bake sale, and a toy drive to raise thousands of dollars to help needy families celebrate Christmas.
Thank you, and congratulations to all our members for their efforts in bringing our chapter to the community.  
UMCSUNA is awarded "Chapter of the Year" for 2010!

This award acknowledges the chapter which has outstanding achievements in terms of; educational programs, community involvement, certified members, and ways of promoting awareness and education of urologic issues.

Congratulations to our members for their efforts in achieving this distinction "back-to-back" for 2009 and 2010.

Theresa Kolle & Shirley Peter accepting award

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Awards presented to individual members:

Each year SUNA honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to urologic nursing. The awards are presented every year during the Awards Luncheon at the SUNA Annual Conference. Previous award winners include:

2011 National Annual Conference Awards:

Maureen Johnson
Recipient of the Ron Brady Career Mobility Scholarship.

2010 National Annual Conference Awards:

Jill Freeman, MAN,APRN-BC,ANP,CUNP. 
Recipient of the 
Arthur T. Evans Lectureship Award for presentation of
 "Interstitial Cystitis".

Mari Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN and 
Suzanne M. Leckness, RN
Recipients of the Vance Caselman Lectureship Award for presentation of 
"Care of the Post OP Radical Prostatectomy Patient".

2009 National Annual Conference Awards:

Mari K. Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN
Recipient of the North Central Regional Member of the Year Award.

Suzanne M. Leckness, RN, and 
Mari K. Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN.
Recipients of the
Russell Church Memorial Lectureship Award for their presentation of "Nursing Care of the Postoperative Urology Patient".

2008 National Annual Conference Awards:

              Dianne Mann, BSN, RN, BC, CCRP, CURN            
Recipient of the Ron Brady Career Mobility Scholarship

Theresa Lesher, BSN, RN
Recipient of the 
Suszette McKay Memorial Excellence in Urologic Nursing Award.

As the Continence Nurse Specialist for the UroHealth Clinic at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, Theresa is currently the only person in the hospital who performs biofeedback and electric stimulation treatment. To keep up with the demand, she frequently works overtime without pay. Theresa’s job includes more than just performing those tests. In order to schedule and perform urodynamic tests and biofeedback training, she needs to spend time reviewing the consults, scheduling patients after speaking to them or their caregiver to meet their specific medical needs, and providing patient education to  patients, caregivers, and families.

Theresa shares her knowledge with the VA nursing staff by conducting inservices,  classes, and one-on-one sessions. She maintains membership in multiple professional
nursing organizations (SUNA, WOCN, AASCIN) to keep up on current practices and be able to translate that to patient care. She has been a continence preceptor to nursing
students at the VA since 1993 and has written several continence patient education pamphlets for the medical center over the past 14 years.

Theresa is not only a strong patient advocate but a true asset to the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. She truly exemplifies the Suszette McKay Memorial Excellence in Urologic Nursing Award.

This award is sponsored by the Chicago Metro Chapter, and is considered one of the most prestigious awards next to the President's Trophies and the Chapter of the Year.

Congratulations, Theresa.  Well deserved!!!

Since Theresa couldn't be present to accept her award we decided to take the party to her and surprised her with it, along with a cake and flowers on 10/14/08 at the VA in the Urology Clinic.

      Jean Lewis presents the award to Theresa Lesher (right)